A look back at the adorableness of Jenna and Richard and the way they look at each other.


Doctor Who Meme → Five Otps [3/5]
↳ The Doctor & TARDIS


Annie attraction to Abed’s “Alternates” personalities.


Doctor Who meme

five otps 5/5: Donna Noble & Lee McAvoy

I’ll find you. I promise you, I’ll find you!’


“She’s my TARDIS. Except she’s a woman. She’s a woman, and she’s my TARDIS.”


I wanted to finish those wreck it ralph sketches I did last night bUT!! PAPERMAN!! WHAT A GOOD SHORT! I cried during the whole thing for some reason!

Mad man with a box.

eenmayorbenwyatt asked abed/annie in the 1960’s

au meme: annie takes a random ad in a newspaper and finds out that her new roommate might be insane - or the love of her life. → for anon

parks and rec meme ★ two scenes [2/2]
operation ann