for us
is no paradise of arbors —
to us
love tells us, humming,
that the stalled motor
of the heart
has started to work


nothing is worse than tugging around a 50 pound luggage by yourself in on the tube for an hour completely lost and tutting up and down steps. the flight wasn’t horrible, i slept the whole way (without much realization) and sat next to a lovely russian girl who spoke nothing to me the whole flight. ah, perfection. now im stuck in this hostel/dorm room combo for the night and there is really loud stuff next to me? ?? people speaking another language? idk i might go out later and walk around i just need to not have like 75 pounds worth of shit on my body for a while. 

In this world only winter is certain. We may lose our heads, it’s true … but what if we prevail?

They call him the Young Wolf. They say he rides into battle on the back of a giant direwolf. They say he can turn into a wolf himself when he wants. They say he can’t be killed.

For all the attention your scenes with Michael Sheen get, it seems like the ones you share with Julianne Nicholson (Dr. Lillian DePaul) are every bit as crucial to the show’s success too. Does the relationship between Virginia and Lillian deepen even more this season?

Lizzy Caplan: That is one of my very, very favourite parts of the first season, but especially the second season. It truly is a testament to the strength of our writers and honestly, the fact that our writers are primarily women. And our show creator is a woman. The care given to developing this female friendship, which we refer to as a love story, it’s a friendship, but it truly is crafted as a love story.

It’s so complex and nuanced and they go through as many ups and downs in their relationship as Virginia goes through with Bill. I think it’s a very, very important story to tell and you see these two women really fall in love with each other and really hold each other up in a way that I don’t think is represented as much as it should be on other television shows.

Winter is Coming



Coronation mantle of Eric XIV of Sweden, once a bright purple velvet now faded. It was also worn by three other Swedish Kings at their coronations: John III, Charles IX, and Gustav II Adolf.




do you ever think about what your traits would be if you were a sim



If you say you’ve never bought clothes influenced by a fictional character youre lying


Nicole Kidman’s Moulin Rouge costume.