Oh, wow, lovely!

make me choose: margot verger or abigail hobbs [asked by anon]

are you ready?

HARRY POTTER HISTORY MEME: two inventions [1/2] → Wolfsbane Potion

"My transformations in those days were — were terrible. It is very painful to turn into a werewolf."

I will be tagging all of my posts from tonight’s episode as #dw spoilers

so if you want to avoid spoilers from tonight’s episode of doctor who, blacklist that tag.

"The day will come when you need them to respect you, even fear you a little. Laughter is  p o i s o n  to fear.”


Help!  I am looking for examples of job titles that were used in television.  Much like “Guardian of the Galaxy” or “Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster” or “Elliot Reed: Moment Killer.”

PLEASE I need all the examples I can get.  You rock.


sorry not sorry

might be too nervous to cosplay today eh.